Hey, this photo is © J Diffner 2016

Welcome to jdiffner.com, I’m a Los Angeles based photographer. While primarily shooting fashion and fine art projects, I’ll shoot anything that happens to cross my lens; everything from concerts, to oddball art pieces and the occasional wedding. Photography wasn’t my first love, music was. In fact I didn’t buy a “proper” camera until turned 30. But after getting my hands on that lovely little beast (a Canon Rebel XSI), that was, as they say, that. As my day job at the time was as a tech for a well known musical act, I cut my teeth as a concert photographer. What better way to learn what not to do than to shoot a 1000 bad photos a night? Well, eventually though a lot of trial and error (as well as reading anything I could about light and shadow, gear and whatnot), I finally got to the point where I thought, …”maybe I’m not too bad at this”. A move to California, a new job, a random meeting with two amazing fashion designers, and a best friend who’s work humbles and inspires me every day, and well, here I am.

For the gear obsessed out there (and I’m a bit of one myself), here’s what I shoot with. In the studio I use a Pentax 645z medium format digital system with a pretty decent collection of lenses. For lighting, I’m all about the Paul C Buff Einsteins, best bang for the buck that there is. While I absolutely love the Z, soon after picking it up I realized that it’s bit impractical when you feel like shooting street photography (and draws a fair amount of unwanted attention). So, near the end of last year, I picked up a Sony mirrorless rig (the A7R ii) and that rapidly became my go to camera for anything other than my studio shoots. Because of the Sony, I’ve started buying legacy lenses and fallen in love with complete manual shooting. I guess actual film isn’t that far away…just as soon as I find a place to setup a dark room!

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and checking out my work. I hope you liked what you saw. I’ll be updating on a regular basis, so keep checking back for more.

Jeff Diffner
Photographer, Roadie, World Traveler, Master of the Run On Sentence.